Fear And Trembling

Where did you go?

I was told to follow, and so I followed,
But now it seems that I'm all alone.

Our footsteps have been washed away.
Leaving me without proof, or a path back home.

I looked away for just one moment,
Which is all it took for you to disappear.

Were you just an imaginary friend
Whom I outgrew over the years?

You had my back.

But maybe you were only
Fulfilling a maintenance request.

Because a wall was built.

It does its job, and you've done yours,
So now the carpenter has left.

Are you a social psychosis
Which we invent
In our times of need?

A necessary neurosis
In order to cope with
The imperfect lives we lead?

Even now,
While I shiver as the air thins and grows colder,
I swear,
I can feel your hand now resting on my shoulder.